10 Easy Makeup Ideas For Kids

easy makeup ideas for kids images

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Giving cosmetics to children can be a thrilling and creative experience, whether for dress-up, a themed party, or just as a fun pastime. As a parent, you must ensure that the cosmetics products and practices are safe, age-appropriate, and enjoyable for your  little ones.

In this article, I will tell you some basic and safe cosmetic ideas for children. From bright face paint to sparkly touches, these cosmetic designs are sure to pique their interest and release their inner artist. So, let’s get started and uncover some great cosmetic ideas that can add fun and creativity to your children’s playing.

1. Halloween Makeup

easy makeup ideas for kids images

This simple halloween makeup tip can transform your youngster into a lovely pumpkin. Start the makeup by applying orange face paint or makeup on the child’s whole face, ensuring even coverage. Using black face paint or eyeliner, you can create 2 huge triangle eyes, a triangle nose and a smiling mouth. To make a stem on the child’s forehead, use some green face paint or eyeliner. 

Ensure that any face paints used are non-toxic and safe for children’s delicate skin. To remove the makeup, use mild cleansers or makeup removers appropriate for children.

2. Zombie Makeup

easy makeup ideas for kids images

For your little one, start by applying gray or green face paint on the whole face, resulting in a zombie-like appearance. Use black eyeliner to create sunken eyes with dark rings surrounding them, giving the impression of fatigue and decay. 

To enhance depth, apply white face paint or light eyeshadow to the face’s high points, such as the cheekbones and forehead. Use black face paint to create basic, age appropriate veins or wounds on the skin.

For a frightening touch, apply fake blood or crimson face paint around the mouth to simulate blood stains. Make sure any face paints used are non-toxic and safe for children’s delicate skin.

This zombie makeup concept is excellent for halloween fun while keeping safety in mind for your child’s fragile skin.

3. Friendly Ghost Makeup

easy makeup ideas for kids images

Use white face paint to cover the child’s face evenly. Draw two large black circles around the eyes to represent the ghost’s eyes. Create a happy mouth using black face paint or eyeliner. If you want to create a scary glow, use some sparkling white or silver face paint.

4. Spooky Spider Makeup

easy makeup ideas for kids images

Cover the child’s face evenly with white face paint. Draw four black rings around the eyes to make them look similar to spider eyes. Extend the lines from the eyes down the cheekbones to form spider legs. If you want more spider-like traits, add black dots to the forehead.

5. Witchy Cat Makeup

easy makeup ideas for kids images

First, cover your child’s face with black face paint or cream makeup. Then use white or silver face paint to design a cat’s nose and whiskers. Create whiskers using black face paint or eyeliner. To add a witchy touch, draw green or purple accents around the eyes.

6. Alien Makeup

easy makeup ideas for kids images

To give your child an alien look, paint their face green or silver and then draw wide, almond-shaped eyes with black pupils surrounded by brilliant hues such as purple, blue, or neon green.  To get an extraterrestrial sheen, highlight the eyes with shimmering or metallic paint. 

Make antenna out of pipe cleaners or headbands with painted antennas. For alien markings, use face paint to create little dots or lines on the cheeks and forehead. Finish with glitter or metallic paint for a futuristic look.

7. Rainbow Princess Makeup

easy makeup ideas for kids images

First, apply a light eyeshadow on the eyelids on your little one. Then, using a little brush, create a rainbow shape with colored eyeshadows on the eyelids, blending them well. Next you can apply a pink blush to the cheeks for a rosy appearance. Finally, use beautiful lip gloss to complete the princess look.

8. Garden Fairy Makeup

easy makeup ideas for kids images

Follow these steps to give your kids a garden fairy look.Use face paint to create delicate floral patterns on the cheeks and temples, such as flowers or vines. Then, to give the flower patterns a magical touch, scatter some glitter or shimmer over them. For a rosy glow, apply a light pink blush to the cheeks. For lips that seem natural, accent the look with a light pink lip color.

9. Superhero Makeup

easy makeup ideas for kids images

For superhero makeup for kids, you can  paint a mask on their face using face paint. Then choose bold colors like red, blue or black, and outline the mask with a contrasting color for emphasis. Add some shimmer or glitter for extra flair. Then, use face paint to draw superhero symbols or logos on their forehead or cheeks. 

Finish the look with a swipe of lip color and they’ll be ready to save the day.

10. Rock Star Makeup

easy makeup ideas for kids images

Start with a BB cream or light foundation. To get a dramatic winged eyeliner effect, use black eyeliner. On the eyelids, apply a striking, vivid makeup shade (such as pink or blue). For a rock star look, add some temporary tattoos or stick-on diamonds around the eyes. Finally, use a clear lip gloss.

How To Apply Makeup On Kids

  • Apply non-toxic, hypoallergenic cosmetics made especially for kids.
  • Before using cosmetics on your child’s face, always do a patch test on a tiny section of their skin.
  • Apply a tiny quantity of makeup at first, and more as necessary.
  • Make careful to take off all makeup before going to bed.


With these 10 fun and easy makeup concepts, your youngster may let their imagination go wild and become whomever they choose! Always highlight safety by choosing cosmetics designed for children and making the application procedure fun and participatory. So, collect your beauty tools and get ready for an exciting journey with your little one.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions related to beauty, you can hit the comment box! We will do our best to assist you through our experts. We’re here to help you.

For a 10-year-old, go for fun and light makeup! Tinted lip gloss, glittery eyeshadow, and colored eyeliner are all excellent choices. Keep it basic by focusing on sparkles, shapes, or subtle splashes of color.

Start with a light coverage product, such as a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.


Concealer (optional): Dab a little on imperfections and blend.

Eyes: Fun eyeshadow colors! Shimmers and light glitters work wonderfully.

Mascara (optional): Use one coat to define lashes.

Cheeks: To give your cheeks a healthy glow, apply a bit of blush.

Lips: Apply tinted lip balm or clear gloss with a dash of color.

Yes, lip gloss can be a fun and easy makeup option for an 11 year old.

Yes, it is normally OK for a 14-year-old to use cosmetics. Teens typically begin experimenting with self-expression via cosmetics at this age.

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