IMAGE Skincare Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser Review

IMAGE Skincare's VITAL C Hydrating Facial Cleanser is a popular and well-reviewed product. The cleanser contains vital vitamins A, C and E, which promote skin brightness and give antioxidant benefits. It has a revitalizing lemon fragrance that leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

VITAL C Hydrating Facial Cleanser, which gently cleanses, hydrates, and provides antioxidant protection, can be used both morning and night as part of a regular skin care routine. For all these reasons the product is good for daily face washing.

User Opinion And Experiment Result

We have seen many trends and what people have to say about it is described below.

Many people fell in love with it after using it. They use it every morning, and it has a wonderful citrus smell that stimulates the senses. It has a creamy texture, and users report that their skin seems brighter. Many people use it, particularly throughout the changing of seasons. It eliminates dirt easily.

Here, we share the thoughts of people we surveyed as well as what our experts had to say about the product. We surveyed more than 50 people.


After using the product our users said that it has a rich and creamy texture. The creamy texture allowed them to easily remove their facial makeup.


This cleanser is particularly noted for its citrus smell, which people like due to the use of natural orange peel extract. The majority of consumers believe the scent to be fresh and alive.

Short Time Result

Customers say that after using the product, their skin feels nourished and not dry or tight. It contains vitamin C, which helps the user to brighten their skin.

Long Time Result

After using the product for a few months, they noticed that their skin grew brighter and wrinkles were reduced. Experts found the same result after testing. In addition, it does not irritate them and promotes hydration.

Ingredients Analysis

Decyl Glucoside and Coco-Caprylate: These are mild cleaning agents produced from sugar and coconut, respectively.

Glycereth-26: These humectants bring moisture to the skin.

Vitamin A: A softer type of substance known as it promotes cell division and lowers wrinkles.

Vitamin E: This antioxidant protects the skin against free radical damage.

Vitamin C: This stable form of vitamin C improves and protects the skin.

How To Use

Wet your hands and face with warm water. Pump 2-3 pumps of cleanser into your hands and mix with water. Gently massage the foaming cleanser over your face and neck for a minute, focus on greasy areas. If needed, rinse completely with warm water and a clean, soft washcloth. To avoid skin irritation, dry your face with a clean towel rather than rubbing it.

If you are searching for a gentle facial wash that removes makeup, moisturizes and has anti-aging benefits, Then the Image VITAL C Hydrating Facial Cleanser may be a suitable choice for you.

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