Best Korean Moisturizer for dry skin

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Why Korean Moisturizers are Best for Your Dry Skin

Do you know why Korean face care products are so innovative and popular? Because Korean beauty brands invest a lot of money in research and development of high-quality products, for this their face care products are popular all over the world.

Since ancient times, Koreans have been famous for producing and using natural face care products. Clear, glowing, and natural-looking skin has become their tradition. Their use of only natural and harsh-free ingredients is responsible for their huge success. These strategies have made their beauty products popular in the world.

Their moisturizer products are also unique. Which keeps your skin naturally hydrated and revives your rough skin. They follow a no compromise policy regarding the quality of their products. So compared to other face care products in the world, Korean products are unique.

Their products are not just for profit but they want to provide better and unique quality products to the world.

The Types of Korean Moisturizer

There are generally three types of Korean moisturizers that are discussed in turn:

1. Emollients – These types of moisturizers are oil-based. Which acts as a moisturizing treatment for the skin and is very effective in keeping the skin soothed and hydrated. This type of moisturizer locks in the skin’s moisture and coats the skin with a protective film. This moisturizer also heals dry, itchy and scaly skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and ichthyosis. 

2. Humectant – This water-based moisturizer is a compound that attracts water and keeps it in the skin. It keeps the skin hydrated by collecting moisture from deep within the skin or from the air if the humidity is above 70%. Being water-based, it hydrates the skin without feeling heavy or oily. This moisturizer contains ingredients like glycerin, urea, AHA and hyaluronic acid which are beneficial for the skin.

3. Occlusive – This is a type of moisturizing agent that creates a protective coating on the surface of the skin so that your skin does not lose moisture. This type of moisturizer is usually heavy, greasy and sticky, also known simply as oily or waxy moisturizers. Many emollients also have occlusive thickening properties such as petroleum, lanolin etc.

Ingredients of Korean Moisturizer

Korean moisturizer’s main feature is that it improves skin hydration and increases the moisture content of the stratum corneum and provides skin with water directly from the water layer of the skin.

The trans-epidermal water in Korean moisturizers increases the barrier to reduce water loss, leaving the skin hydrated for longer. And also covers the small fissures of the skin. In this moisturizer

The particles present protect the skin from friction and keep the skin naturally beautiful.

The Korean moisturizer is rich in natural ingredients including ginseng, snail mucin, mugwort extract, fermented rice water, licorice root, pearl, birch and bamboo extracts that are extremely beneficial for the skin.

These ingredients are the blockbuster ingredients of Korean moisturizers that will keep your skin healthy all the time.

7 Best Korean Moisturizers

Choose your favorite among the 7 best Korean moisturizers:-

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb: A clinical study showed that using this moisturizer increased skin hydration levels by up to 70%. Its lightweight gel water-based formula keeps the skin cool and refreshed. Deeply hydrates your skin and provides nutrients to the skin.

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream: This moisturizer cream works as an acne spot removal treatment. These also keep your skin looking beautiful, such as pore care, intense laser treatments, and long-term sun exposure. The light texture of this moisturizer makes it very suitable as a moisturizer for oily and acne prone skin.

Cosrx: This moisturizer removes the grease from your skin. It provides your skin with essential antioxidants and provides skin with essential vitamins. Which helps to soothe your irritated skin.

Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Cream: It is a nourishing anti-aging cream that helps your skin fight signs of fatigue, dryness, dullness and loss of elasticity. This moisturizing gel-cream absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves the skin soft and supple. Also, this soft moisturizing cream keeps your skin hydrated and relieves skin dryness by boosting skin’s antioxidants.

COSRX Oil Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion: This oil-free ultra moisturizing lotion is made with a light, non-greasy hydrating formula that soothes and calms your skin. It soothes skin redness and sensitivity as well as strengthens the skin’s core with 70% birch sap.

Glow Recipe Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream: This Banana Souffle Moisture Cream is uniquely formulated for your skin with bananas that contain a rich blend of magnesium, potassium and more to keep your skin hydrated and soothed from daily stressors.

Laneige Radian-C Cream: Using this moisturizer can make your skin visibly brighter in just 3 days. Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, this moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated. 8.5% vitamin C rich moisturizer removes visible dark spots and ultra-fine spots from your skin.

How can you choose a best moisturizer for your dry skin

Korean women use skincare products to balance their skin’s pH level. You should use a moisturizer that balances your skin’s pH and prevents skin from becoming dehydrated by eliminating dryness.

Always choose a moisturizer that keeps your skin naturally beautiful and hydrated. Always choose a product that works best for your skin and that you feel comfortable using.

Every Korean product is of high quality so you have to choose the best moisturizer based on your skin type.  

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