Lip Flip Before And After Smile

Wanna discover Lip flip before and after Smile? Let’s get started. A lip flip, which is a non-surgical cosmetic surgery, the top lip is gently made to “flip” outward by relaxing the surrounding muscles with a little dose of botulinum toxin (Botox). This gives the appearance of bigger lips and a more defined smile.

Fear not—a lip lift is a simple cosmetic treatment that does not require surgery. Botox, also known as botulinum toxin, is a chemical that is administered under the skin through tiny injections. It gently helps to enhance the upper lip.

This is a great option for those who want to subtly improve their smile without aggressive lip fillers. It does not require surgery, so it is a very good procedure.

Before Lip Flip

Before the lip flip, I wasn’t worried about the shape of my lips. Many of my family members had thin lips. Later I noticed that my lips are also very thin, usually due to genetics. My nose and eyes were fine. Only my lips had a problem. I asked many acquaintances their opinion about my lips and most of them gave me negative reviews. 

Also when I smile my gums show which is very annoying, I don’t even want to smile because of it. It started to annoy me slowly. Later I thought I’d flip my lip, since it’s temporary so let’s do some testing on my body. This is the story before my lips flipped. Sharing my experience after flipping the lip below.

After Lip Flip (Botox Lip Flip)

A lot has changed in my life lately. My four short injections have significantly improved my smile confidence. We all had thin lips in our family. Later I flipped the lips.

After receiving these injections I started checking my mirror more often in the following days to see if there were any obvious changes. Then, when I woke up on the fourth day, I saw a startling change in the mirror: my lips were upside down! 

I eagerly shared a ton of selfies with my closest friends. Except for my fiance, who didn’t really notice until I pointed it out to him, everyone was thrilled with the results. Then I can open my heart and smile. Now my gums are not visible anymore, the red part of my lips is also visible. I am very happy. This has given us a new look.

Botox lip-flipping customer reviews

I had previously had lip fillers, and I wasn't happy with how much my face looked different. Subtle was my preference, but I still desired a bigger lip. I made the decision to do a Botox lip flip after reading about it. Even with the numbing lotion, receiving injections there was still rather uncomfortable. After 10 days or so, the numbness in my upper lip is beginning to go. Eating felt difficult for a time, and I i couldn't even swirl water in my mouth without it dripping out. Nevertheless, I'm thrilled with the outcome. I now have the desired natural fullness. Simultaneously, I received a unit of filler for my marionette lines.

Jenniferyonker 14 Jan 2024, 9 days

Scared about Lip Flip Results - 6 Days Later, Asymmetry. I had a lip flip with filler six days ago, and while the filler is healing beautifully and I have no issues, the lip flip is beginning to take effect and is causing me a lot of anxiety. I am unable to move one side of my grin, which is making it asymmetrical. When I contacted the nurse who gave me the information, she advised me to wait the full 14 days and schedule a follow-up. However, the fact that one side is weaker than the other terrifies me. Please let me know whether this is typical, someone!

Chiklitbean 3 July 2023, 6 days

I am quite pleased with my experience, and the results are incredible. I can't thank Brittany enough for using her professional knowledge and talents to transform my "gummy smile" into what it is now.I never expected it to be this wonderful. I can now grin or laugh without instinctively covering my lips because it is no longer my biggest insecurity. Brittany has been fantastic throughout the process, from the moment I met her and had my consultation, despite the fact that I was really scared. She put me at ease, and I felt I could trust her to do precisely what I needed to get the results I wanted.Throughout the process of determining the proper dosage for my recalcitrant lip muscle, she always explained everything properly and provided me with comfort about her activities. She clearly enjoys what she does, as seen by her level of expertise and the services she gives to help each client feel happy and confident.

Courtttclaytonnn 18 Aug 2021, 23 days

Every time I've gone, I've had nothing but positive experiences; I feel fully at ease and in good hands! I had Botox in my upper lip for a lip flip, and Sarah offered me the finest advice, and the results were precisely what I was looking for.

Neat947433 2 Apr 2021

I've always had a lot of gum showing when I grinned. I was so self-conscious about it that I learnt to either avoid smiling in images, use a little "small" to hide it, or not take any pictures of myself at all. Someone who meant well informed me, "it doesn't look as bad in real life when you're laughing and smiling," which I took to indicate that it was enough to be seen by others. I was overjoyed to discover that neurotoxicity might be used to prevent my lip from rising so high when I smiled, laughed, or spoke. I can now grin, laugh, and shoot photographs with more confidence than ever! It has made a significant impact on how I feel about myself, and I continue to have therapy every three months when I have my neurotoxin. Thank you very much, New Face NY:).

Victoria.Akre 7 Feb 2020

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