Lip Flip Before And After

Its Mandatory to have all the information about “Lip Flip before and after” before Having a Lip Flip. I have shared my experience and give information for you that can help you in Lip Flip. Ok Let’s read and know all about lip flipping.

Before getting a lip flip, I was never worried about the shape of my lips. Many of my family members had paper thin lips. Later I also noticed that my lips are very thin, usually this is due to genetics. My nose and eyes were fine. Only my lips had a problem. I asked many acquaintances for their opinion about my lips and most of them gave me negative reviews. 

Finally, I thought my lips needed a little change. Then I decided to flip my lip. Before starting lip flips, I told a dermatologist and plastic surgeon everything and asked what you need to know. Below is what they finally told me.

What Is A Lip Flip?

Before lip flipping you need to know what lip flipping is and how lip flipping is done.

A lip lift is a simple cosmetic procedure that does not involve surgery, so you have nothing to fear about it. It is a substance called botulinum toxin that is used in small injections, commonly known as Botox. It helps give a subtle boost to the upper lip. The procedure targets specific muscles around the face to achieve two main effects:


Botox orbicularis oris is a substance that helps relax muscles. This muscle normally helps pull the lips inward when you smile or speak. By relaxing the lips, the upper lip naturally moves outwards (puffs out) and enhances the red part of the lip and makes it look fuller.


Botox injections are strategically placed above the lip line, near the cupid’s bow (the curve in the centre of the upper lip). After placement, the corners of the mouth are slightly lifted, adding a fuller, prettier and more pouty look.

A Person Who Qualifies For A Lip Flip Would Be Someone Who

Have a thin upper lip

If you have a naturally thin upper lip and want a fuller look without harsh volume, a lip lift can be an excellent option for you.

Have a "sticky smile"

Do you feel your gums or inside teeth showing excessively when you smile? The lip inversion procedure relaxes the muscles that pull the lips inward, exposing more red areas of the lips and reducing the appearance of gum tissue.

Want a small enhancement

Unlike lip fillers that make lips look bigger, a lip flip changes the shape of your current lips. This gentle way is great for those who want their lips to look naturally full without big, noticeable changes.

Want a non-invasive procedure

Lip flips are minimally invasive, meaning they are less painful, require no incisions or downtime. This makes it attractive to those who fear surgical procedures.

Comfortable with temporary results

The effects of a lip lift usually last 2-4 months, giving you the experience of experimenting with looks without a permanent commitment.

Will Anybody Observe Any Changes After Getting A Lip Flip?

It depends on a few factors before and after lip flip. Let’s see what are the reasons. If someone already has plump lips that are very visible and large, they may not notice a difference from a lip flip. If you have small lips and you turn your lips, people close to you will notice it. This is a common thing.

Even if you don’t smile, your upper lip will look a bit full and puffy. This is because the relaxed muscles allow the lips to come outwards, exposing more of the pink lip tissue, and the change is noticeable. Your gums may show less when you smile, which can be noticeable. But this creates a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

One of the other causes is over injecting Botox into the body. This will make your lips look extra plump, which can wear off to the human eye. When you swallow for any type of cosmetic change, your face changes more than the first day.

If you want your facial changes to go unnoticed, you need to visit a qualified doctor and learn about lip flips first, then seek treatment.

It is important to note that the results after a lip lift depend on individual factors such as the amount of Botox, your natural lip shape and your desired results. However, most people after getting the treatment have a beautiful smile and the redness of their lips is more pronounced.

When Lip Flips Go Wrong

The lip flip, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure using botulinum toxin (Botox) injections, has become increasingly popular for its ability to subtly enhance the upper lip. While it is generally a safe and effective procedure with minimal risks, there are still some potential downsides and complications to be aware of.

⭐️Uneven results

This is one of the most common complications, and can happen if Botox is injected unevenly into your body. This can cause one side of the lip to look more puffy than the other, which can detract from your smile.

⭐️Overstretching of the muscles

 If too much Botox is injected, it can cause the muscles around the mouth to relax too much, causing drooling, difficulty speaking, and difficulty swallowing.

⭐️Swelling and bruises

This is nothing to worry about, these are common side effects of any injection, they are usually mild and temporary.


This is a rare complication, which can occur if the injection site is not properly sterilised. Make sure the injection is sterile.

⭐️Reactions due to allergies

This is also rare, but it is important to be aware of the possibility. If you are allergic to Botox or other drugs, it is best not to use it.

How Long Does A Lip Flip Last?

One of the most common questions about lip augmentation is how long the results last. The duration of lip flip effects may vary from person to person, but generally, the results are temporary. On average, the effects usually last 2 to 4 months.

The botulinum neurotoxin used in the procedure temporarily relaxes the muscles around the lips, causing the lips to reshape and grow. But in most cases this lasts for 2-4 months which is very unusual.

The effects gradually diminish over time as the body metabolises the neurotoxin. It is important to note that its durability may be more or less based on metabolism, lifestyle and the specific product used.

Cost Of Doing An Average Lip Flip

The cost of a lip lift procedure can vary based on a number of factors, and it is essential to consider these aspects when considering this cosmetic enhancement. Service prices are generally influenced by the geographic location of the clinic or practitioner, with urban areas costing more than rural areas. Skilled professionals can charge high prices for their excellent service and their expertise. This price may also depend on your country.

Generally, the cost of a lip lift ranges from $200 to $800. However, you can consult a qualified healthcare professional to get an accurate estimate in your case. It is normal that the cost will not be the same for everyone. Costs may vary based on your country and dermatologist.

Is A Lip Flip Natural Looking?

Whether a lip flip looks normal depends on a number of factors, including the individual’s physical condition, the skill of the injector, and the desired result. Here’s a summary to aid with your decision:

One of the primary concerns of people considering lip augmentation is whether the results will be normal. Expert opinions on lip augmentation often highlight the procedure’s ability to enhance the natural beauty of lips without the need for dermal fillers.

Lip flipping is a popular procedure done with less pain. Creates a subtle lift that highlights the red part of the lips. This technique especially appeals to those who want to enhance the beauty of their appearance by several folds.

Customers have given many positive results which further emphasises the positive results of lip flips. Also You need to know everything below.

Injection technique

A skilled and experienced injector who understands the anatomy and muscle function of the mouth can very naturally invert the lips. For this it is very important to visit a professional doctor.

Using the right amount of Botox

Using too much can cause your look to be “overlapped” which looks artificial.

Targeting the right muscles

Careful positioning ensures gentle movement without affecting the muscles near the upper lip and creates a beautiful smile.

Considering individual anatomy

Every face is unique, and the injector should be tailored to your specific lip shape and desired results, and should remain proficient. Everyone’s body structure is not the same.

Is A Lip Flip Better Than Lip Filler?

Between a lip flip and lip filler depends on the desired result. Lip augmentation, done with Botox, makes lips look fuller without adding volume, providing a subtle enhancement that lasts about three or four months. Lip fillers, on the other hand, add volume and can last up to a year. Lip flips are less expensive and less invasive, whereas lip fillers are more expensive but provide a more dramatic effect. The decision should be based on individual aesthetic goals and preferences.

In short, lip flips are best for those who want something subtle and temporary or want to test how Anna will look after a change, while lip fillers are more suitable for those looking for more dramatic and long-lasting results. The choice between the two is different, depending on the budget.

Here's a table summarising the key differences

Feature Lip Flip Lip Filler
Goal Subtle lip enhancement, reduced gum show Dramatic volume increase, lip definition
Results Natural, subtle Noticeable, customizable
Duration 2-4 months 6-12 months (depending on filler)
Procedure Time 15 minutes 30-60 minutes
Downtime Minimal Potential swelling and bruising
Invasiveness Less invasive (Botox injections) More invasive (hyaluronic acid injections)
Ideal for Naturally fuller lips, subtle definition Thinner lips, significant volume & definition

Do Lip Flips Damage Your Lips?

lip flip before and after

This treatment is designed to relax the muscles and can gently turn the upper lip outwards or plump the lips, resulting in the appearance of fuller and more defined lips. When performed by a qualified and experienced practitioner, lip flips are generally considered safe and do not damage the lips.

A lip flip is a cosmetic procedure in which a small amount of Botox is injected into the muscles around the upper lip to relax the lips, causing the lips to “flip” and become fuller. The procedure is generally considered safe and low-risk, as it uses small amounts of Botox. There are some adverse effects to take into account, though, just like with any medical operation.

A common side effect is that the muscle may become overly relaxed, causing the muscle to become too weak to allow lip smacking or drinking. Additionally, in rare cases, Botox can cause symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, difficulty speaking, difficulty breathing, and blurred vision. The effects of a lip lift procedure usually last 8 to 12 weeks, as the results will wear off over time. It is important to consult with a qualified and experienced healthcare provider to discuss the potential risks and benefits before undergoing the procedure

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Lip Flipping?

Here are the pros and cons of lip flips:


Subtle enhancement

By relaxing the muscles that pull the lips downward, lip flips give the lips a naturally fuller appearance. For those who desire a mild boost without going overboard, this may be a nice alternative.

Reduced gum visibility

A lip flip might assist to cover up more of your teeth when you smile. This may result in a smile that is more visually appealing.

Smoother look

Vertical lip lines can be softened with lip flips, giving the lips a younger, plumper appearance.


The results of a lip lift usually last 2 to 4 months. For those who want to experiment with different looks or aren’t sure if they want a permanent change, this can be a great option.

Usually painless

Although the injections may cause some discomfort, lip flips are overall a reasonably pleasant treatment. Because it costs less, is easier and takes less time.

Cheaper than fillers

Generally speaking, lip flips are less costly than lip fillers.


Not for everyone

Lip flips are not a suitable choice for those who wish to greatly enhance their lip volume.

Uneven outcomes

If the Botox is administered incorrectly, it may not work as intended.

Possible Adverse Effects

Lip flips can cause sores, swelling  and allergic reactions just like other surgeries.

Temporary results

Because a lip flip only lasts a few months, you’ll need to get it done again to keep the same appearance. All things considered, lip flips might be a wonderful choice for those looking to subtly improve their lips. To determine whether this operation is correct for you, it is crucial to thoroughly consider the advantages and disadvantages.

A Brief Compilation

Before deciding to have a lip flip, people should carefully examine the pros and cons, as well as their desired results, and talk to a licensed health care provider. Depending on the desired amount of augmentation and personal taste, one can choose between lip fillers and lip flips. The skill of the practitioner is significantly responsible for both safety and natural appearance.

 In general, lip augmentation can be a good choice for anyone who wants to temporarily and subtly improve the appearance of their lips. You can flip lips to enhance the beauty of your face, because it is temporary. If you don’t like it, there is no problem, slowly it becomes normal.

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