Amope Nail Care System Review

The Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Nail Care System is a great tool that comes with three different offerings for filing, buffing and nail polishing. It is a small portable device that runs on batteries and is easy to use. People like it because it is very convenient and effective for taking care of their nails. The system doesn’t need to be powered because it runs on batteries, which makes it great when you’re on the go. If you’re looking for a good nail care tool, the Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Nail Care System might be a popular choice based on what customers say and how the product is described.

Below are someĀ  pros and cons, Which can help you to choose the thing.

Valid Customer Reviews

Ruined battery, The battery is destroyed, as is the spring in the battery holder, due to battery acid.

James United States on October 19, 2023

It's ok but not great, Does not perform well on tough skin or nails.

Amazon Customer Canada on December 1, 2022

Good investment lasted a long time. I had one of these for about two years and it only died a few days ago. I'm glad I got a fresh one ahead of time.

Trinity US on December 13, 2019

Not Recommended! I'm quite unhappy with this stuff. Based on my experience with their previous product, which I own and use, I expected this to be an excellent product. However, as others have remarked, this product does not compare to their buffer. I've also discovered that it's underpowered, and the ability to fly and form nails is rapidly gone. The file attachment loads rapidly and becomes ineffective. To purchase a new file, you must also purchase the buffer and polishing heads.

Tom Gettle U.S. on October 7, 2017

My Amope gadget arrived with higher-quality nail files. Hmmm... My Amope gadget came with higher-quality nail files. While not flawless, they performed an adequate job on my nails and saved me a significant amount of time. I've only used the replacement file once or twice and it's nearly worthless. They need to improve these in general. Even the initial file did not live up to expectations, despite my enthusiasm for the concept. If you have strong nails (which I don't), it will be difficult to form them with these files.

Bakermom U.S. on June 16, 2016

Not worth it. I was thrilled to test this, but I was disappointed! Worked OK at first, however the file attachments rapidly wore down, rendering it unusable!Perhaps it would be worthwhile if it included additional file paper, or whatever they use, to replace it as it wore down, but it does not.

Jacqui US on March 3, 2018

Love!! I've had it previously, but I'm missing areas throughout my relocation. So I repurchased it. I use the course to press and round the cuticles. Then I use the other two to apply the buff and shine, which accomplishes the job. I frequently play with my nails in between manicures to maintain them shiny and to reduce tension from the day. So this is excellent for me. I go through several of the files.

cdrn94 US on August 10, 2021

Works Beautifully. This is my fourth battery-powered nail file system. I find that all Amope items are well-made, function as claimed, and are dependable. The Amope Pedi is equally effective for both manicures and pedicures. I also appreciate how small the device is. The only thing I would advise is to include an additional set of heads with each device, even if it means adding a few dollars to the overall cost.

KAG Canada on May 28, 2016

Great Product. I got this for my mother, who has severe arthritis in her hands and is now unable to use a nail clipper or file. This stuff is great. She can now perform all of her manicure and foot care on her own and how she wants, rather than having to go to a salon all the time.

Amazon Customer Canada on December 28, 2016

Not the best ... in fact not good at all. I enjoyed the wet/dry Amope foot file, so when I saw this, I assumed it would be an excellent product. This looks like a fantastic idea, and it's also quite simple to use! However, it is quite slow - it took me longer to file one nail than it would have taken to file my entire hand with a standard nail file. My nails aren't very thick, but if I tried to file my toes with this, they'd grow back before I completed both feet. Verdict: I know people like this, and if you have a few hours/days to sit and file your nails, get it! Otherwise, get a nail buffing or polishing block (the Body Shop had an excellent one) and go nuts.

JodiR Canada on July 27, 2017


While some users had positive experiences with the Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Nail Care System, including its longevity and effectiveness for certain users, others expressed dissatisfaction with its durability, performance on tough nails, and the cost of replacement parts. It seems to work well for some specific use cases, but individual preferences and expectations play a significant role in user satisfaction. Prospective purchasers should evaluate their individual needs and preferences before making a purchase.



Easy to use and requires no manual effort.


Cordless and battery-powered, making it travel-friendly.

Ergonomic design

Comfortable to hold and use on both hands and feet.

Multiple functions

Comes with different heads for filing, buffing, and shining, offering a complete nail care experience.

Positive user experiences

Some users love the ease of use and the professional-looking results they achieve.


Mixed results

Some users find it ineffective, especially for thicker nails or achieving a salon-quality shine.


Can be considered expensive, especially considering the cost of replacement heads.

Limited use

Not ideal for very thick or damaged nails.

Replacement heads

Users complain about the high cost and limited availability of replacement heads.

Durability concerns

Some reviews mention concerns about the device’s build quality and longevity.

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